Every Sunday, we turn the spotlight on some great creatives. This week, we have Zack Wilcox and Tony Susi from Fun Pants Film Co.! 

Zack Wilcox is a born and raised filmmaker who brings sensibilities of small town life into his filmmaking. After an extensive career as a crew member on countless projects, he honed his skills in the technical aspects of streamlined indie filmmaking. 

Tony Susi is a filmmaker, designer, and multidisciplinary artist based in PA. He creates a variety of work through the mediums of film, video, graphic design, and experimental projects. After working for a wide variety of clients in PA and NY advertising agencies, he decided to turn his professional focus into filmmaking. 

Together, they created Fun Pants Film Co., which is a NEPA based award-winning film company. As an ongoing collaboration between Zack and Tony, this endeavor serves as a creative outlet that allows filmmakers to create on their own terms without the traditional gatekeepers involved in the process. Fun Pants Film Co. also provides their knowledge and experience to local clients and filmmakers for commercial and passion projects. The company has been selected for over 20 festivals and has had their works win at various award shows, such as the Sweet Democracy Film Awards and the Pure Magic International Film Awards. 

Zack and Tony are always discussing new ideas for films. When they land on a really good idea, they go into the scriptwriting phase. They write, review, and revise separately and as a group before moving into pre-production. Once the script is finalized, they decide on actors, locations, gear and other resources. After all the resources have been gathered, actors are cast, and location has been decided, they begin production, which is then followed by editing, scoring, and creating the final sound mix. 

Their company is always inspired by the films they watch, their experiences, and the people they collaborate with. This combination is perfect for generating ideas for future projects. 

For them, being creative means that they’re always able to use their creative skill sets and technical expertise in the process of making something special. Ideally, they seek to genuinely enjoy the work they make and love sharing it with audiences. 

You can follow Fun Pants Film Co. on Instagram. 

📷 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funpantsfilmco/?hl=en

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