Every Sunday, we turn the spotlight on some great creatives. This week,
we have Jacob Kelley, CEO of Mx. Kelley Queer Education!

Mx. Jacob Kelley is a 29-year-old nonbinary Asian American, and multifaceted professional in the realms of queer-inclusive sex education, DEI specialization, and LGBTQIA+ speaking. With a B.A. in Psychology and Communications, an M.Ed in Human Sexuality Education, and ongoing doctoral studies, they are not only a Ph.D. student but also a self-published author, podcast host, and entrepreneur. Their commitment to positive change is evident in every aspect of their work.

Mx. Kelley Queer Education specializes in helping schools, universities, and businesses foster better workplace cultures through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. Additionally, as Drag Artist Trixy Valentine, they’ve been performing for almost ten years, offering classes, workshops, and 1-on-1 coaching to help individuals discover confidence, attitude, and personality through the transformative art of drag.

Being creative for them manifests in three primary areas: public speaking, teaching, and performance. Their early experiences in theater and colorguard as a child laid the foundation for their skills in the performing arts. Throughout college, they continued in the color guard and joined a Greek Belly Dance group where they honed their belly dancing techniques and learned sewing, script writing, and exploring different dance styles while immersing themselves in cosplay.

This journey eventually led them to embrace Drag. They aim to catalyze change and promote diversity within their audiences through their performances. Gaining their M.Ed. in their mid-20s further equipped them with the tools to make teaching an engaging and insightful experience beyond the confines of a traditional classroom. They learned to apply the charisma required on stage to connect with audiences during teaching, developing training sessions and workshops that culminate in standing on stage, inspiring everyone in the room. The power of using a microphone lies in the realization that there is always someone listening, ready to ignite their passion and drive.

Their creative process is iterative and adaptive, often beginning with a deep exploration of the topic or idea at hand. They immerse themself in research, drawing from diverse sources to gain a comprehensive understanding. Once they’ve absorbed the necessary information, they engage in a brainstorming phase, allowing ideas to flow freely. Finally, they refine and structure these ideas, iterating through drafts or iterations to ensure a coherent and impactful output. This flexible approach enables them to synthesize information effectively and deliver creative solutions tailored to the task at hand.

They find inspiration in the vast spectrum of human experiences, the resilience of individuals facing challenges, and the potential for positive impact through creative expression. Additionally, the ever-evolving landscape of knowledge and the pursuit of understanding inspire them to explore and learn continuously.

To them, being creative means transcending conventional boundaries of thought to form novel connections, whether through words, ideas, or expressions, fostering innovation and providing a unique perspective on the world. It’s a dynamic process of exploration, discovery, and transformation.
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