Every Sunday, we turn the spotlight on some great creatives. This week, we have Sarah Novroski!

Sarah and her husband, Eric, run a local production company where she leads all things video. Sarah is a first-time mom trying to navigate the balance of creativity, work, and being the best mom she can be. She loves the outdoors and spending quality time with family and friends, especially over a good cup of coffee.

Sarah considers herself a self-taught creative. From painting in the backyard with her dad to fake directing music videos with her cousin growing up, she was always creating something. It wasn’t until college that she really started to lean into video production. She began serving in the church by shooting, editing, and running switches for live events. This is where she met her husband who encouraged her to pursue video as a career when she was going to give it up. 

Sarah has done commercials, weddings, and even a documentary, but is most passionate working with bands and creating music videos. Some of Sarah’s recent work that she is proud of includes her work on So Much Hope, Buried’s new single “Dissolve” and “apparition” (which should be releasing soon), and Enoch Root’s “Scavenger”. She has also recently gone back to her drawing roots and has started creating noodle art for anyone who wants to become a noodle person. 

For Sarah, the creative process consists of understanding her clients’ wants and working off of that. She loves to bounce ideas back and forth, and includes lots of reference videos to jump start ideas and create effective expectations. Sarah enjoys seeing her clients’ reactions after showing them the final product.

Sarah sees a lot of potential in her surroundings that is just waiting to become a part of a scene. She is inspired by nature, black and white films, and by being her best for her family and the Novro Studios family.

Sarah’s definition of creativity is a self-expression of which we choose to show, and that is why it is so important for her to practice selfless creativity when entrusted with someone else’s art. View Sarah’s videos and artwork by visiting her website and Instagram pages.

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