Every Sunday, we turn the spotlight on some great creatives. This week, we have Nick Bukofski!

Nick works as a photographer based out of NEPA both for himself, as well as being a full-time editor and photographer at Knot Just Any Day, where he photographs everything from weddings to portraits.

For Nick’s entire life, he was interested in art in any form. He never even considered photography until his senior year of high school, when he randomly decided to take a photography class. After that class, he purchased his own DSLR camera and for a while, he practiced photographing his pets and inanimate objects. That was until one day, when a few friends asked him if he could photograph their senior photos. Nick thanks them for trusting him and giving him that kick start because after those sessions, he truly felt the power that photography holds. Since then, he has never looked back.

Nick considers his photography style to be true to life because he is all about getting colors in photos to look realistic. He believes that people are amazing just as they are, but he strives to capture the best versions of them through his photography.

For Nick, the creative process can vary. He refers to the example of photographing on a wedding day: if he’s familiar with the venue, he comes with ideas already mapped out in his head. When at a new venue or even just exploring, he primarily searches for pretty lighting, unique shapes, bursts of color, and contrast. Once he finds that beautiful location that also suits the clients, the rest of his process can be translated to any type of shoot he finds himself on; find the light, scope out a composition, crack a “lame” joke to put everyone at ease, and get the job started.

Nick says that his inspiration comes from literally just seeing things. Everywhere he goes, he “sees” compositions and gets inspired from ideas that can become art. He is always taking cell phone photos of any cool ideas he sees in that split second, so he can come back to them later with a camera and a subject.

To Nick, being creative means seeing the world differently; it means finding meaning and emotion in everything.Learn more about Nick and see more of his photography by visiting his website, his Instagram, and Facebook pages!

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