Every Sunday, we turn the spotlight on some great creatives. This week, we have Ashley Delaney of Beyondinfinitycreations!

Ashley is a wife, a mom, as well as a  fur-mom to two dogs, two cats, a rabbit, and a horse. She loves animals, but horses are her passion. She teaches riding lessons part-time, runs an Interscholastic Equestrian Association Team, and enjoys hiking when she has spare time.

She’s always enjoyed DIY projects and has always been creative. Her woodworking journey started when her husband purchased a CNC machine for his woodworking hobby in 2020. Naturally, she had her own list of projects of things he should make with his new machine. However,  she picked up the programming of the CNC machine quickly and slowly started learning woodworking and took over most of her husband’s tools.

In 2022, they purchased a large Co2 laser to complement the CNC machine. Using the two machines plus many other power saws and tools, she creates a variety of motivational signs, home décor, and gifts. She also makes custom signs and gifts for anything from weddings to  small businesses. She enjoys the continuous learning curve her machines challenge her with and she’s still learning to use all of the woodworking tools to better her work.

Ashley is always coming up with new ideas no matter the time or place. Some of her ideas involve drawings that she creates on her iPad, whereas others she simply sits with her computer and designs the idea. She enjoys creating mountain mosaics and mosaic patterns with hardwoods. With mosaics, she gets an idea in her head and starts chopping wood to make it work.

Some of the things that inspire Ashley include motivational quotes, nature, and getting out in the world and seeing new things. She draws her inspiration from the people, sights and things around her. For Ashley, being creative is a way of giving physical shape to ideas for people to enjoy that would otherwise be stuck in her head. 

Learn more about Ashley and Beyond Infinity Creations on her website and various social media platforms:

📸 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beyondinfinitycreations/

✍️Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeyondInfinityCreations

🌐 Website:   https://beyondinfinitycreations.square.site/

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